We take every step to ensure the starting materials are authenticated, carefully selected, highly graded and free from adulterants or contamination. In additional, the herbal extract’s identification and its therapeutic marker constituents have to re-validated and assayed by a TGA licensed independent laboratory before pass for use.  The manufacturing process are stringently controlled under the GMP facility accredited by Australian government and  ensure all products meeting the every standard set by the British Pharmacopeia , European Pharmacopeia and the USA pharmacopeia. Sustainability, traceability, consistency and credibility are company’s primary commitment.


All ingredients formulated in our products have been used for a long history with the most safety profile and record. In additional, robust literature review on toxicology studies is always the first step undertaken before the product is developed. Ongoing pharmacovigilance program in terms of safety are closely managed, monitored and analysed. The stringent quality assurance process is also an integrated part ensuring the safety could be maximised and achieved during the full chain of production and supply. 


We know the effectiveness is the key to the customers health, and only those products with proven effectiveness can be sustainable in the market, and with almost no advertising or promotion campaigns during the past, our products can keep thriving for more than 10 years have demonstrated its effectiveness or efficacy and the only secrete to the success is customers using experience and the word of mouth.